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Son of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s grand entry into Nigeria

Prophet shepherd Bushiri has dreamt of achieving 2 million souls for Jesus Christ in 2018. And he was in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, where he was welcomed like a god himself. Bushiri announced the global prophetic tour early in January meant to fulfill his churches 2018 agenda of winning 2 million souls for Jesus.

When the prophet reached Abuja, Nigeria, there were tens and thousands of people gathered at the airport to welcome, thousands more thronged the streets to catch his glimpse and not to forget even more that waited at church where he stopped by to share a greeting.

While in Nigeria, the prophet and the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering church Bushiri is scheduled to hold mass services where he will preach, teach, perform deliverances and, beyond that, also indulge in charity.

In a statement released by ECG communications office, the prophet will return to South Africa and then proceed to USA to continue with his tour to reach 2 million souls for Jesus Christ.

ECG mission for 2018 is to win 2 million souls for Jesus Christ. As a way to do that, the prophet came up with a program called global prophetic tour. The tour started in January. Reads the statement signed by Ephraim Nyondo, ECG’s communications director.

The tour lined up after USA is Dubai and Tanzania and then wraps the month with Malawi. The tour resumes in October with Uganda, India and Australia. The prophet is in accompanying of prophetess Mary Bushiri, his wife.

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