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Worship Central Conference

Worship Central Conference

Main Auditorium

time 8:00 pm

Every 19th from

October 19, 2018

Worship Central is a movement of worshipers who want to see the worship of Jesus Christ made central throughout our communities, local churches and the world.

Worship Central will be hosting a Worship Event on the Friday night followed by a full day Conference where there will be areas such as ‘Song Writing’, ‘Music Direction’, ‘Leading Strong’, and many other areas. This time is for worship leaders, musicians, songwriters and anyone else passionate about worship.

If you just want to experience a time of uninterrupted worship, then the Friday night Worship Event is a must for you.

Tim Hughes writer of many songs such as ‘Here I am to worship’, ‘Beautiful One’ and ‘Happy Day’ will be contributing along with many other contributors through out the weekend experience.