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11 thoughts on “Give online

  1. Bonolo says:

    Pray for my preservation and of my family. Pray for protection against covid 19 for me and my family in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  2. Catherine says:

    Pray for my financial stability..
    Pray for my family and children and our protection also…

    1. Thabelo RALULIMI says:

      Pray for spiritual growth, financial breakthrough, my farm, and my family. Thank you God of major one for answering my prayer

  3. Chishala kaombe says:

    Praying for God to answer our prayers in this difficult time .To give us strength and direction in our lives

  4. Hardlife says:

    I got a testimony because of my wife the time she was pregnant i joined ivp last year April my father and mother your anointing works amazing and now please help me i need to build my house Zimbabwe

  5. Beng Chantal Wei says:

    Pray for September 02 2021
    Family salvation breakthrough and deliverance
    and for my healing and spiritual life

  6. Faston Mbawa Kaunda says:

    God is powerful

  7. Faston Mbawa Kaunda says:

    Pray for my ministry to have more revelations and financial breakthroughs in my businesses

  8. Frank Sediana says:

    Papa pray for me
    Financial breakthrought
    Family deliverance

  9. Boitumelo Freddy says:

    Papa please pray for my financial breakthru and debt cancellation amen

  10. Faston Mbawa Kaunda says:

    God is powerful

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