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The Shunamite Woman Part 1

November 19, 2018

The Shunamite Woman Part 1

Imagine living  “your best life” right now. You have the career you have always wanted, the husband, your community loves you, and you feel true peace and contentment every single day. Your life is without much need, and even if you do need, you would rather give to someone else. Your just that kind of woman (Proverbs 31 woman’s long lost sister?!) Now imagine getting a beautiful gift, one in which you did not ask for. This gift is a blessing, but ends up pushing the boundaries of  your faith. Enter in the Shunammite women, her story is one not often told, but her story is one that teaches us about expecting the unexpected. A women with everything, is given something she herself probably never thought she would receive, a son. 

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