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God is concerned with your finances part 1

October 10, 2018

God is concerned with your finances part 1

How many of you have heard that there are over 2,000 Bible verses about money?

I’ve heard it, too. In 2007, I wondered if there really were that many Bible verses about money and finances. You see this was of special interest to me as I had just started my career in financial planning. Being a Christian, I wanted to make sure that I was following God’s wisdom in my work and not just man’s. So I started my search to find a list of these 2,000+ Bible verses about money.

I tried searching Google. And I’m pretty good at finding stuff with Google, but I only found small lists here and there. I tried the library – still no luck. The closest thing I’ve found is Larry Burkett’s book “The Word on Finances” which lists over 1,000 Scripture references that Mr. Burkett found. However, many of those references are only loosely related to personal finance and are not really speaking on that subject. It’s a bit of a stretch in some places. I wanted to find something that listed all the verses about money, but I was more concerned with the Bible verses that specifically teach us how to handle our personal finances rather than just mentioning money.

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